Sunday, December 13, 2009

Overheard at the craft store...

I stopped by the local Joann's tonight and was shopping in an aisle when a little boy and his mom walked next to me.  He had the urge, as I assume most kids do, to touch EVERYTHING.  Anything that was in his reach was touched, picked up, knocked over and fondled.  His mother kept saying "don't touch that' and "don't pick that up" and "no! put that down."  It was clearly incredibly effective parental discipline.  She sure was making an impact.  Her kid was clearly paying attention to every word and following her every request.

As they strode past me, I picked up the glue that I was looking for and he shouted at me "NO! Don't touch!"

Normally, my snarky side would be mean and talk about kids and how parents suck and can't control their kids.  But, well, this was actually really funny.

Then, just a few short aisles down, I was picking through some Christmas stuff and a different family walked into the store and the mother exclaimed "Valentine's Day decorations!!!  You have got to be kidding - it isn't even New Years!"  (Clearly this woman knows nothing about the crafting world and how you have to start early on such holiday projects...).  Her daughter laughed "New Years It isn't even Christmas!"

Then her son, trying to join in with the exasperated witty banter of the women of the family said: "New Years?  It isn't even Father's Day."  Yeah.... he nailed it.

Kids are so smart funny.