Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

I know, I know.... I go start this adventure of a blog and then bail a week into it.  I am sorry to my legions (well, 4) of fans and I promise to do a better job of posting.  

"So, what would keep you so busy that you couldn't dedicate hours a day to your blog?" you ask?

Among other things, I got rear-ended (tee hee) and my car got banged up.  It was a cold and rainy autumn day and there were lots of leaves stuck to the ground.  While it was late in the morning, it was kinda gray and depressing outside. I was waiting to make a left turn. Remembering my driving course when I was 15, I was appropriately inched into the intersection with my wheel facing forward. For those who know me: no, I was not on the phone, eating food, or playing with the radio thankyouverymuch. (Remember those movies where they would try to scare you and teach you how to drive.  Well, I actually watched those, and while some friends might disagree, I am a pretty good driver.)

Somehow, the car behind me failed to notice my car (it's a CRV, y'all), both my break lights AND my blinker and so she failed to break. I saw it coming and there was nothing I could do - there was a car coming toward me (thus the reason I was stopped in the first place) so I couldn't turn, and I knew I couldn't accelerate fast enough to avoid being hit.  Anyway - crash - she whollops right into me and I swore a lot and got all pissed.  It happened about 50 feet from the school where I work, so within like 5 minutes the campus security was there - as was one of our vice presidents who happened to be driving by.  Apparently some fire & rescue guy happened to be driving by as well, so he stopped.  There were like 15 people there before the police ever arrived.  If ever you want to feel like you live in a small ass town, just get into an accident. I swear I felt like I was in Mayberry or something.  The police officer who took the report turned out to be someone who responded to a situation on campus a couple years ago and he remembered me (because I am just that charasmatic, yes) and we chatted it up a bit.

Then, the girl who hit me was this frail person who was completely freaked out about the accident and I found myself counseling her because she was not dealing with it well.  She was crying. And her cell phone was dead.  And her registration was expired.  And she had just been in an accident recently.  (Seriously, you ask?  Yes. Seriously.)  She used my phone to call her boyfriend and he and his gaggle of friends came over about 10 minutes later and guess what?  I knew them too!  Yup, because colleges are truly small towns, he rolls up with his friends and he's like "oh, hey there..." because we had some run-ins his freshman year and I am sure he's completely embarrassed that he had to show up to pick up his hot mess of a girlfriend in his pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning.

In the end, cars were towed, information was exchanged, and everyone walked away without a scratch. Aside from a bruised ego (hers) and bumper (mine) the damage was minimal.

So, is there a good side to the story?  Yup.  I got me a new muffler.  Mine has been spitting out its last breaths lately and I've been procrastinating getting it fixed.  Voila!  Life is full of unexpected little surprises.